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BizAsia Birthday Love: Shahid Kapoor as the angry young man

When this actor first started his career in the Hindi film industry he was known as the cute, chocolate boy hero. Films like ‘Ishq Vishk’ (2003), ‘Chup Chup Ke’ (2006) and ‘Vivah’ (2006) saw him play the hero who every girl adored. His character would do anything to win over the girl he loved while facing his own challenges in life.

However as time passed and the desire to prove his talent grew, this actor managed to break out of his shell and showed the audience what he is really capable of when it comes to his acting skills. This actor is the extremely talented Shahid Kapoor who will be celebrating his birthday on the 25th February. will explore some of Kapoor’s roles that saw him as the angry young man.

Aditya Kashyap in ‘Jab We Met’ (2007)

Aditya Kashyap had the weight of the world on his shoulders. The night he bumps into Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) he’s in a daze and doesn’t even know where the train he has boarded is actually headed for. Eventually through his interactions with Geet we learn that he has faced a lot in his life after so many people that he cared for, abandoned him when he needed them the most.

Though Kapoor’s character was seen as the silent type, whenever he got angry he forgave no one. Geet is a big example of this because when they first meet he basically keeps to himself and very rarely says anything. Geet however is a chatterbox who rambles on and on and eventually Aditya can’t take no more and tells her he doesn’t care who she is or what she’s doing with her life.

Aditya Kashyap was a character that was loved by the audience because he showed that deep down he is just like any one of us. He had gone through something and was trying to deal with it and at times got frustrated but he was good at heart.

Karan Kapoor in ‘Badmaash Company’ (2010)

When the need for more power and wealth becomes an issue it makes Karan Kapoor (Kapoor) lose the most valued people he had in his life. His dear friends who followed him on his journey of big ideas and a comfortable life feel that this friend has changed so much that they can no longer identify with him.

Karan is a young man with big ideas and aspires to be a successful businessman. His father though would rather he complete his education and secure a job as that is more practical. Karan knows he can make it so why should he become an employee to help build other people’s dreams when he can make his own dream come true. On many occasions both father and son clash. Karan’s father knows that he is a smart boy but if he uses his smartness for the wrong things he could make matters worse for himself.

At one point in his life Karan is angry that his father’s values can’t provide for his own father when he is in need of immediate medical care. This pushes Karan to take the necessary steps he needs to, in order to make his vision a reality. Later it is Karan’s ego and his greed that gets the better of him, not realising that he has a problem. He feels frustrated that it was his idea that made him and his friends reach such heights of success and now they’re behaving like he’s wrong and they’re right.

Kapoor did a great job of showing a frustrated young man who doesn’t want to be like the rest of the world around him, he had dreams that he wanted to make a reality.

Kabir Singh in ‘Kabir Singh’ (2019)

It was a role of a lifetime for Kapoor because no one in their wildest dreams ever imagined seeing an actor who did films like ‘Dil Maange More’ (2004) in a film like this. The film was a remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’ (2017) a Telugu film that had done exceptionally well. It was a surprise and maybe a shock for some to see Kapoor in a totally different avatar. His rugged look, the beard and the fire in his eyes, this was something the audience never expected. If the look wasn’t enough his performance was to another level. His character was filled with so much anger that when he struck his victim that was it for them, they had no chance of escaping such was his violence. Mix that with alcohol and other substances his life was a dark spiral that saw no light of hope for him.

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Strangely he was blessed with talent and was able to become a successful surgeon. After the love of his life is separated from him, his severe anger problems continue to make life difficult for people around him. People fear him and dare not say anything in case they get beaten as for his friends they worry that his self destructive lifestyle will one day take his life from him.

The film did wonders at the box office with Kapoor winning awards for best actor at various award shows.

Haider Meer in ‘Haider’ (2014)

It was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy play ‘Hamlet’, cleverly presented to the audience in a modern manner. We see our main character Haider Meer (Kapoor) in Kashmir returning home to find his father is still missing yet his mother seems to have no care in the world. His mother’s lack of sensitivity and her closeness with her brother in law not only angers him but creates more questions in his mind as to what really happened to his father.

This film was the start of seeing Kapoor experiment with his roles, not only what characters he played but even trying new looks out. At one point in the film we see Kapoor with a shaved head which signifies an important stage in his life. This Haider has changed and is no longer interested in worldly matters, only one thing is on his mind and that is revenge for what happened to his father. From the outside he seems like a mad man because of the way he looks and how he behaves. In one scene Haider has gathered a crowd and is seen chaotically shouting facts about the things that are taking place around him in Kashmir. Then in another scene at his father’s funeral while people are seen praying for his father’s soul he can be seen playing football near his grave.

At the end of this film the audience was pleasantly surprised by Kapoor’s performance. Even today it is classed as one of his best roles as he displayed his emotions so well.

Jai Malhotra in ‘Fida’ (2004)

A young man named Jai Malhotra (Kapoor) falls in love with a girl named Neha (Kareena Kapoor Khan) at first sight and decides he’ll do whatever he can to win her over. It takes some time but Neha finally reciprocates his feelings and Jai feels like he is over the moon. However it turns out that what he thought was going to be the best days of his life, end up becoming the worst.

He learns that Neha never loved him, in fact she was using him so that he could take the blame for the crimes committed by her and her lover. With the police on his tracks and dangerous criminals after him poor Jai is left running for his life while Neha lives her life happily with her lover. This deception changes Jai from an innocent, caring guy into a man with anger who wants to get revenge for being taken advantage of. Not only is he heartbroken but he is angry that he risked his life for someone who didn’t even care about him.

Sadly the film didn’t do too well at the box office perhaps the audience wasn’t ready to accept Kapoor in a thriller genre so early on in his career. However many would agree that we’re glad he gave this genre another chance.

The team at wishes Shahid Kapoor a very happy birthday.


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