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Aman Gill


Aman is the Badshah of Lyca Gold. A globe trotter who loves all things travel, a rocker of the airwaves and telly, a bit of a singer and a positive motivator who loves to live the dream.


Weekend Drive




Know a little more about me…

1. How did you feel when you first started broadcasting on Lyca?

Ecstatic and over the moon, I love my Bollywood music, and I’m known as the walking jukebox to all who know me.

2. Most memorable on-air moment so far?

Having a flurry of portraits drawn of me by the listeners 😊

3. Favourite Bollywood Singer?

Mohammed Rafi

4. Favourite Cuisine?


5. Favourite Bollywood Actor/Actress?

Aamir Khan / Madhuri Dixit

6. Favourite Bollywood song?

Dum Maro Dum 1971

7. If you had to pick four stars to star in your movie who would it be?

Madhuri Dixit / Deepika Padukone / Aamir Khan / Shah Rukh Khan

8. Favourite movie (Bollywood or Hollywood) and why?

Bollywood (Bombay) you will not often find an Indian commercial film which is very entertaining, great direction, fantastic acting, and has a thoughtful message which touches your heart (love is love)!!!

9. If you could interview one person who would it be (past or present person)?

Madonna (Last Pop Giant)

10. What is your favourite film line?

I’m the king of the world (Titanic)

11. What is your definition of "Happiness”?

When you know that life is good and you can’t help but smile 😊

12. Do you have a talent that we don’t already know about?


13. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Southern Italy (Love the food and culture) – Ciao Italia!!!

14. What is your biggest fear?

Not believing in myself!!

15. What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Ek Hasina Thi Ek Deewani Tha (Karz 1980)

Quick Fire

1. 30 days without your phone or 30 days without TV? TV
2. Netflix or YouTube? YouTube
3. Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
4. iOs or Android? Android
5. Rich or Loyalty? Loyalty
6. Bath or Shower? Shower
7. Boots or Flip Flops? Flip Flops
8. Amusement park or Beach day? Amusement Park
9. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
10. Winter or Summer? Summer